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With regards to Geographical Scope, the company’s factory is located in Nkwebi, Ohafia, Abia State, Nigeria.


Ohafia is a town and a local government area in Abia State, South East Nigeria. It is an Igbo speaking region. It is located 15km from Cross River on Latitude 530, 5’45’N and Longitude 7’45’, 7’55’E. The ancestral capital of Ohafia L.G.A. is located in the village of Elu.

It is a low-income agrarian community with a total land mass of 438.2327 km² and has a population of about 245,144 (FRN, 2007). A large proportion of the people are engaged in the informal sector of the Nigerian economy.

Ohafia L.G.A. includes the towns of Abiriba and Nkporo and 26 Villages or Communities.


List of Villages in Ohafia L.G.A.

Abia Elu Ndi Uduma Awoke
Abiriba Eziafor Ndi Uduma Ukwu
Akanu Ihenta Nkporo
Amaekpu Isi-ugwu Nkwebi
Amangwu Ndi Anyaorie Oboro
Amankwu Ndi Anku Okagwe
Amuke Ndi Amogu Okon
Amuma Ndi Ibe Ufiele
Asaga Ndi Okala  
Ebem Ndi Orieke  


Nkwebi is one of 26 villages in Ohafia Local Government Area in Abia State in the Eastern part of Nigeria. Literally Nkwebi means the place of palms. The landscape is dominated by the growth of Oil Palms. It is the central hub of the eastern part of the country with boundaries to Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Imo, Enugu and Ebonyi States.

The Large Market Areas within and around the geographical area are Onitsha Main Market, Ariaria Main Market Aba, Ogbaete Main Market Enugu, Ekeukwu Main Market Owerri and the main markets in Okigwe, Orlu, Port Harcourt, Ohafia, Umuahia etc.